Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions on Overseas Mortgages

How does the Overseas Mortgage sourcing system work?

Use the overseas mortgage sourcing system to source overseas mortgage products available to your client. Choose the overseas mortgage product. The overseas mortgage product details, along with the necessary paperwork to complete the overseas mortgage application, are emailed to you. Or pass us your clients' details. We will contact them and make a suitable overseas mortgage recommendation. We will liaise with the client, the overseas mortgage lender and you. We will keep you informed throughout the process, letting you know when the case is due to complete.

How much does the Overseas Mortgage sourcing system cost?

A subscription to our overseas mortgage sourcing system costs £15 per month per user license should you wish to source and process your own overseas mortgage cases. If you wish to just refer clients to us then there is no cost.

Am I tied in for a period of time?

There is no tie - in period. All we require is one month's notice prior to the date of you opting to terminate your contract.

How can I pay?

You can pay monthly by standing order.

What's in it for me?

The ability to add overseas mortgages to your portfolio of services you offer your clients which will provide you with an additional income stream. Adding overseas mortgages to your portfolio gives you an additional reason to talk to introducers. It also enables you to retain control over how you wish your clients to be handled and hopefully will result in client referrals. We can provide letters to send to your existing clients to help develop your business and give you guidance as to where else you may look for business opportunities via your dedicated Business Development Manager.

Do I need training on how to use the overseas mortgage software?

You will be trained how to use the overseas mortgage sourcing software and how to transact overseas mortgage business.

What share of the income do I earn if I transact the overseas mortgage myself?

You are doing the work so you will get 100% of any income earned. Should you wish to transact the overseas mortgage enquiry yourself then your clients will be properly advised by you, an advisor that they already trust.

What share of the income do I earn if I refer the overseas mortgage enquiry to Overseas Mortgage Broker?

You will receive 25% of any income earned. If you wish to refer your overseas mortgage enquiry to us to transact then you can be assured that we applied regulated principles to an unregulated market ensuring that your clients are properly advised.

When is any income paid?

If you are handling the overseas mortgage case yourself then we can guide you as to what you may wish to charge for your services and at what stage you may wish to make a charge. If you refer your overseas mortgage enquiry to us, as soon as we have received payment we can forward your share of the income earned. We will pay any commissions due once a week so there are no long delays in payment.

What makes us different?

Our philosophy is that we have two clients in each transaction, the borrower and the referring broker. We treat both accordingly. Your clients get good advice; you get regular feedback and support. We apply regulated principles to an un-regulated market.

Are there any minimum system specifications that I need on my computer?

You will require broadband internet connection and either Windows XP, Vista, windows 7 or MAC OSX.